Detailed mail schematics ensure your back end mailings and fulfillments go out automatically, right on schedule!

Atlantis Direct Mail Management Software - Mail Planning

One of the many beautiful things about Atlantis is its automation. The Mail Planning System is
designed to run back end mailings and fulfillments automatically. Just give us your mail plan, we set
up the schematic, and the work orders are automatically generated and sent to the print shop on the
days specified in the schematic. It's that simple.

If you make changes to your mail plan, that's no problem. Just let us know and we'll make adjustments
to the schematic as needed.

The two screenshots you see are examples of a back end and fulfillment mailing schematic. It may
look like Greek to you, but every field is an important parameter to ensure your mail plan is followed
exactly as you wish. 


Fulfillment work orders are set up similarly to back end work orders. You define the fulfillment package
or product and how often you want fulfillments sent, and we set it up in the schematic. The work orders
are then automatically created and sent to the print shop.