The Atlantis Campaign System is capable of all promotion types, from MIOs, sweepstakes and skill contests, to product and catalog sales!


Atlantis Direct Mail Management software Campaign system calendar view
View all of your campaigns, promotions, and packages easily in the Atlantis campaign system. Choose
a simple list view of all related work orders, or choose a convenient calendar view (shown).

You can define area suppressions to apply to all mailings, or you can set specific suppressions for
certain campaigns, promotions, or packages.

You can also define limits to the number of paid and free transactions a customer can have, or set dollar
limits. These can be specific to certain countries and campaigns, promotions, or packages.


Atlantis Direct Mail Management software - Campaign and Suppression System
View the defined suppressions for your mailings in the package screen. You can see what suppressions
are in the system for each campaign, promotion, and package. If no other suppressions are set, then
the default, company level suppressions are used.

With Atlantis, you can always check to make sure your defined suppressions are in place.


Atlantis Direct Mail Management software - Campaign Prize System
Within the campaign system, you can define contest parameters, such as when winners are selected,
how odds are calculated, and others.

Enter prizes in the inventory system, define the odds for each prize, and Atlantis will randomly select

When winners respond, you or someone you designate, will get notified by email.