View every detail of your customer's response history in the Atlantis customer service system.


View all the pertinent information for each customer in your database, with the Atlantis Customer
Snapshot screen. Total transactions, total dollars spent, last response date, it's all there for your review.

You can suppress customers from mailings from this screen as well. Choose to suppress them from
all mailings, or just from new offers. 


Atlantis Direct Mail Management software - Customer Response History
Each customer in your database has a response history screen where you can view details of each
response, including when it was keyed, which tray, which list it came from and other details.

You can also quickly check the fulfillment history to make sure your customers are receiving their items.

This screen can be sorted by promotion or by date, for easier viewing. 


Atlantis Direct Mail Management software - Customer Letters
There are many customer service letter templates in Atlantis, and you can edit them as needed, or
create new ones. They will print with custom headings which we set up for you in the Atlantis system.

When you generate a letter for a customer, it automatically records in their customer history, and can
be viewed in the "Correspondence" tab within the customer record. This makes it easy for your
customer service team to provide efficient and speedy customer service.