Atlantis Direct Mail Management software - Company Dashboard

The Atlantis software Dashboard can be customized to display the company stats most important to you!

Atlantis Direct Mail Management Software - Dashboard

The Atlantis Dashboard is designed to display a snapshot overview of your direct mail company.
Whatever you want to see at a glance, can be displayed here. The Company Overview widget shows
mailed and keyed figures for the current and prior month, and shows critical items that need to be
addressed right away, like past due work orders, and other things.

The News and Events widget shows important messages, such as when a credit card file has been
processed, or if there is an issue with any process that is running in the system. 


Customize your Atlantis dashboard with charts and graphs to display company direct mail stats and
keep them in view. You can further personalize your dashbaord by changing the color and name of
the widgets.