You'll love the Atlantis Data Entry System! Each findercode is linked to the customer and job and all the customer information pulls up on the screen when the response is keyed.


Atlantis Direct Mail Management software - Data Entry and Keypunch Response System
When responses are data entered (or scanned)  into the Atlantis Keypunch system, the findercode
brings up the customer's information on the screen. It also pulls up the price and correct currency for
the customer. If the customer sent in a different amount, this can be keyed in the manual "PmtAmt"

Credit card information can be entered and processed by batches through Atlantis. Email addresses
can be captured for customer service purposes, or for marketing. Keypunchers can also change the
address on file for the customer from this screen.

Atlantis also accommodates batch entry keying or scanning for high speed entry. Our software is
compatible with most barcode readers.


Atlantis Direct Mail Management software - Keypunch and Mail Tray Entry
The Atlantis Data Entry System segments data by trays. Set up as many different trays as you like.
You can assign batch numbers to each tray to correspond with deposits, promotions, or anything else
you designate.

There are various tray types, depending on how your keypunch team separates their mail. If they
separate by promotion, there is a tray type to make data entry a bit faster. If they separate by price,
there is a tray type for that. If your team doesn't separate their mail, they can key into a "Manual"
tray which is the most versatile tray type.

You can define different mail received dates and mail opened dates, if you wish.

Each tray displays real-time stats including the total transactions keyed, total paids and frees, and
some credit card transaction status. 


Atlantis Direct Mail Management software - Keypunch and Mail Tray System
Your keypunch team will love the ability to edit transactions easily if they make a keying error. Many
keying and caging facilities worldwide are already familiar with the Atlantis Data Entry System.

You can set each tray to post when you want it to. This allows you or your team time to review the
tray for accuracy and edit any errors before posting. Or, if you prefer, always set the tray to post


Atlantis Direct Mail Management software - Keypunch and Data Entry Real Time Reports
View all the transactions keyed into a tray by simply clicking the "View Tray Contents" button, which
is located in every tray screen. You can see real-time data, separated by promotion, converted to US
dollars, and totaled.

All of the Atlantis Keypunch reports are real-time data. You can see summaries for certain data entry
teams, or for certain keyers. You can see summaries by day, by week, or by tray. There are many
different keypunch reports and we can customize any of them to show exactly the data you need.